We Win Through Communication

Let’s cut through it.  You want a lawyer who is aggressive and will find a way to win your case.  I have a unique vision of what it means to be a lawyer.  We win through communication. Phenomenal trial results come the Perfect Lines of communication. What this means is that a lawyer should be talking to his client whenever possible. When we are talking, we are winning.

“You as a client know your case better than anyone else.  You tell me how to win the case.”

Texting as the Key

Technology has made it possible to have “fast food” instant contact with you lawyer.  So, that’s what we use.  As an attorney, Jamie is available by text whenever you need him.  This creates a line of communication which allows us to work as a team.

Phillips Law, PLLC

James Phillips is the founder of Phillips Law, PLLC, www.bestclarksvillelawyer.com at (931) 552-5670, which currently is a law firm with two attorneys.  We handle divorces throughout Middle Tennessee, but our main stomping ground is right here in Clarksville Tennessee.  James, as a former military lawyer and Chief of Fort Campbell’s Legal Assistance Office, has extensive experience with military retirements and military family law issues.

My Credentials

I am a graduate of Vanderbilt Law School. I have been in private practice in Clarksville since 2005 and my firm has represented over 6000 clients. I represented Country Singer Terry Clark’s husband in their Nashville Divorce.  I was also involved in a paternity case involving Brian McKnight. These high-profile celebrity cases both had very favorable resolution for my clients.

James is a member of the American Bar Association and the Tennessee Bar Association. He is also a member of the Tennessee Trial Lawyer’s Association. He was admitted to practice in Tennessee and in the United States District Court for Middle Tennessee.

Nationally Recognized Military Law Attorney

In addition to a civilian practice, James practices military law and practices military law throughout the world.  I have travelled to Iraq to represent SSG Mitch Warner in US v. Warner.  In US v. Warner, the charges of premeditated murder, accessory after the fact and obstruction of justice were dismissed.  The case was featured on CNN and other prominent national news agencies.

As a military law attorney, while stationed at Fort Campbell as an Army JAG, James served in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) and spent three years at the Fort Campbell Office of the Staff Judge Advocate. He has proudly served as the”Strike” – Second Brigade Combat Team- Trial Counsel, represented more than a thousand clients in his capacity as a Legal Assistance Attorney and Chief of Legal Assistance. At the end of his military career, James was assigned to Trial Defense Services as a Defense Counsel at the Fort Campbell Office for Trial Defense Services Region III. He has also represented numerous clients as a Civilian Defense Counsel.

Other Accomplishments

James graduated from Vanderbilt Law School in May 2001. While at Vanderbilt, he interned with the Nashville Metro District Attorney’s Office. He also successfully represented social security clients at administrative hearings while a member of the Vanderbilt Civil Legal Aid Clinic.

Among his other accomplishments, James lead the effort to establish the Mosul Office of Judicial Operation (MOJO) in April 2003 in Mosul, Iraq. His office, consisting of two Iraqi Attorneys, two military attorneys and two paralegals, tracked detainee operations and initiated the rebuilding of the Iraqi Judicial System in Northern Iraq. He was awarded a Bronze Star for his efforts in Iraq.

Proud Former Enlisted Soldier

He is now licensed as an Attorney in both Tennessee and Montana. He is a graduate of the Judge Advocates Officer Basic Course, Airborne School and the Primary Leadership Development Course.

Finally, as a former sergeant with the 18th Airborne Corps Artillery out of Fort Bragg, James is a veteran of the Gulf War. He fondly remembers being a single enlisted soldier.

10 thoughts on “Attorney James Phillips

  1. Charged with misdemeanor assault in Nashville when the lady gave false statements to Nashville Metropolitan Police.

    There was an altercation and I DID PUSH the lady away after she attacked me. She grabbed my coffee cup and attempted to throw the coffee in my face. I responded by pushing her away.

    The lady told the Police that I hit her. The DA moved forward and I am awaiting trial.
    I believe my rights have been violated the police accused me of hitting the lady and submitted false documents to the DA. I will be suing all parties for false statements.

  2. I really need some advice and a attorney who can help me. I will been married 25 years Aug 31 of this year. Im 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare immune disease that left me with no immune system and kidney failure. My husband had an affair and became abusive. He took all the money out of the joint acct and I have no access to money. I recent got a order of protection but now I can pay any bills and he wont pay. I have no way to make money at this time. Im currently fighting for disability. I need help gettinging alimony and I could pay anyone. I just cant seem to get help. Can you help me or give me some advice.
    Mrs. Nakita Padgett

  3. I am going through a divorce and custody battle with my husband and i need some help trying to find a lawyer that could help me and i googled a cheap lawyer in Clarksville,Tn and your name and law firm popped up i have never had to do this before and i really need some help i would really appreciate it if you could help me with my case

  4. hi my name is latasha in i have been trying to get my kids back for about 1 year in some months in am in yhe need of a good attorney i have one that the stat gave to me but shes no good she dont ask me whats been going on its like she is makeing it so hard for me to get my kids back my phoe is not on right now but july 1 it will be back on i need to talk to you asap when i get my phone back on i have your numeber because i need to no how much are you to be my attorney if you was to take my case thank you.

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