Motion for Support

One powerful way to turn the tables in a Tennessee Divorce is to file a Motion for Support Pendente Lite. Essentially, this is a request for the judge in a divorce to award one side or the other financial support, temporarily, while the parties await the discovery process and for a final hearing.

The outcome of this hearing can be determinative of how fast the divorce will proceed. If one side or the other gets an upper hand and receives a great deal of financial support it can end their incentive to move with any speed to the final hearing.

If you are having a hard time negotiating an uncontested divorce with your spouse and they make more money than you, you might want to consider filing a motion for support.

One thought on “Motion for Support

  1. I am currently getting a divorce and it has been filed with Montgomery County, TN courts. I have answered and filed a counter complaint against my husband for the divorce. Currently I do not have an attorney because I cannot afford one. My husband does have an attorney. How do I file a motion for support pendente lite without having an attorney?

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