Montgomery County Adoptions

Michele Goguen wrote this article on adoptions in July of 2010. A very good run down of what it takes for an adoption.

“It’s important to hire an adoption attorney who knows adoption and family law. You want to choose someone you feel represents your best interests, as well as the best interests of your adopted child(ren).

Where to begin; the legal steps and timelines

There are two main legal steps in any adoption, both of which should be overseen with the help of an adoption attorney.

Terminating the parental rights in the birth parents
Establishing parental rights in the new parent or parents
An adoption may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, depending upon the specific circumstances. There are also several options as to how you can adopt:

Domestic adoption: adoptions in the United States
International adoption: adoptions from other countries, such as Korea, China, India, and more
Related person adoption: adoptions from a relative of the potential adoptive parent”

Her article can be found at Michele Goguen Article.

We handle adoptions at Phillips Law, PLLC.

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